Yearly Archives: 2022

A satisfying year full of innovation

2022 proved to be a year dedicated to technological innovation and a strengthening of our activities.
During these months, we have made numerous implementations to the company, both from a technical-management perspective and in terms of human resources.
Specifically, we have expanded the production area and the other areas of design, validation, and implementation of testing, onsite and remotely, have been strengthened.
C442, our latest forming/closing machine model has been optimized, we have increased the production of complete lines especially for pharmaceutical packaging.
We have also increased the number of our employees for higher  productivity and improved after-sales service to customers.

Cariba increasingly international in 2023

The new year will begin with a company perspective geared more toward business relationships.
As much as two-thirds of our production is addressed to a foreign clientele, and the sales network has long since achieved global expansion.
An excellent context also achieved thanks to the versatility of Cariba machines, operating in different areas and for multiple sectors.

The world of packaging is constantly evolving and we are already preparing for the next highly anticipated Interpack 2023 in Dusseldorf.

Cariba showcases C221 cartoner at Pack Expo in Chicago

Cariba continues to expand its presence internationally by participating at Pack Expo in Chicago. We will have the opportunity to expose one of our flagship machines: the new C221 automatic cartoner. The Expo will be held October 23-26, 2022, and Cariba will be present at the booth of MG America, an important partner for the entire U.S. market.

On this specific event the C221, an alternate cartoner designed to cover a wide range of formats for packaging products from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors, will be on display. A model that meets the new market needs, thanks to its remarkable versatility and functional flexibility, indispensable features for modern packaging.

The profitable and well-established partnership with MG America represents a great opportunity to reconfirm the high quality and efficiency of our machines.
So we look forward to seeing you at booth W-15003!

Achema 2022

We are very pleased with our participation in Achema 2022, a very important international event for various types of industries, new techonologies and the environment.
We brought a complete packaging line consisting of a C221 cartoner and a C712 case packer to our booth.

It is always very important for us to participate in international trade fair events to showcase our automatic machines, weave new business relationships and consolidate our presence abroad.

The next events will be this October with Pack Expo in Chicago and Interpack in May 2023.
We are preparing to present our best packaging solutions, technologically advanced for different sectors pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, etc.

In the meantime, a roundup of pictures from the Achema exhibition August 22-26, 2022!

Cariba will participate to Achema 2022

Attending trade fairs is very important to observe the evolution of its own industry sector.

Cariba is preparing to partecipate again to these important events to exhibit new machines and share the best packaging solutions.

The first exposition will be Achema, Frankfurt Messe, 2022 August 22nd to 26th.

We will be present in Hall 3.0 – Stand A3 and will exhibit a packaging line consisting of a C221 cartoner with bottle feeding table, Track&Trace unit, C712 cartoner and printer for adhesive label application.

This event is an excellent opportunity to expand our business potential internationally. We will also have the pleasure of visiting the stand of Volpak, our new business partner.

At the same time, it will be a great opportunity to expand our network of relationships and consolidate further partnerships.

New partnership Cariba – Volpak

It is a time of great opportunities for Cariba.
With the birth of this new partnership with Volpak, a company of Coesia group, we continue to expand our sales network.
Cariba’s cartoners will be integrated with the Spanish company’s packaging machines to create superior quality packaging, applicable to a wide range of products, particularly for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets.

A promising collaboration

The new Cariba-Volpak agreement aims to share mutual expertise in the management of flexible packaging and end-of-line solutions.
This will enable complete lines of high technology and production efficiency to be offered to the market.
The hallmarks of Cariba machines, customization and modularity, together with the features of Volpak machines will be the key elements to meet the growing demand for single-dose pouches and stick packs.

Cariba packaging lines

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the demand for packaging machines for pouches and other similar products, due to a market that is certainly evolving and because of new consumer demands.
Cariba is able to meet the market’s demands with a wide range of high performance cartoners, case-packers, formers and closing machines with a high level of productivity.

They can be perfectly integrated with each other (or interfacing with upstream machines) to create complete end-of-line solutions that are extremely flexible and reliable.

Advantages of Cariba lines

Cariba designs machines to pack pouches, bags or sachets containing any type of product, from creamy liquids to powdered solutions, as well as machines for packaging any other type of container such as bottles, blisters, tubes etc.
The feeding systems of the Cariba machines (or interfacing with upstream machines) allow the products to be picked and packed carefully with high precision, that guarantee excellent quality of the final package.

These considerable advantages make them suitable for many sectors like the pharmaceutical, food and nutraceutical industry.

For more details on the characteristics of the machines see