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The Inauguration of Fariba Pack: new successes in the US Packaging Market

The consolidated partnership between Cariba and Farmo Res has given rise to Fariba Pack, a new commercial office dedicated to the US market. Specializing in the direct sale of packaging machines and complete lines, the new headquarter will distinguish itself by offering bespoke solutions and impeccable customer service. Thanks to the combined expertise and decades of experience of the two founding companies, Fariba Pack aims to be a reference point in the packaging sector in the United States.

Innovation and Customer Service: the core of Fariba Pack

Fariba Pack is born from the shared vision of Cariba and Farmo Res, focused on providing increasingly efficient and technologically advanced solutions. The passion and dedication of the company teams are evident in every project, reflecting a constant commitment to exceeding customer expectations. In addition to the direct sale of packaging machines, Fariba Pack offers a comprehensive and highly professional after-sales service. This commitment to customer satisfaction will foster long-lasting business relationships based on mutual trust and understanding of specific customer needs.

Customized Solutions for every Requirement

The accumulated experience over the years by Cariba and Farmo Res translates into the ability to design personalized packaging solutions for a wide range of sectors such as Pharma, Cosmetics, and Food. Our American subsidiary will tailor automatic machines to meet specific customer needs, ensuring maximum flexibility and reliability in the proposed solutions. Through close collaboration with customers, Fariba Pack is committed to delivering tangible results and creating added value for its commercial partners.

A new chapter of Success

With the inauguration of the new commercial headquarters in the United States, Cariba and Farmo Res are ushering in a new era of success for the packaging sector. Through a combination of innovation, quality, and highly professional customer service, Fariba Pack is poised to conquer the US market. A heartfelt thanks to all the professionals who have worked to make this project a reality. It was a pleasure to participate in the inauguration of the new headquarters with our CEO Emilio Baldanza.