2022 proved to be a year dedicated to technological innovation and a strengthening of our activities.
During these months, we have made numerous implementations to the company, both from a technical-management perspective and in terms of human resources.
Specifically, we have expanded the production area and the other areas of design, validation, and implementation of testing, onsite and remotely, have been strengthened.
C442, our latest forming/closing machine model has been optimized, we have increased the production of complete lines especially for pharmaceutical packaging.
We have also increased the number of our employees for higher  productivity and improved after-sales service to customers.

Cariba increasingly international in 2023

The new year will begin with a company perspective geared more toward business relationships.
As much as two-thirds of our production is addressed to a foreign clientele, and the sales network has long since achieved global expansion.
An excellent context also achieved thanks to the versatility of Cariba machines, operating in different areas and for multiple sectors.

The world of packaging is constantly evolving and we are already preparing for the next highly anticipated Interpack 2023 in Dusseldorf.