Often Consumer markets demand  packaging variations in response of the market trends Cariba offers customised solutions to satisfy any production demand for a wide range of products: pet foods, small metal items, home care and others.
B/TICINO Spa                                                                                                            
BEGHELLI Spa                                                                                                           
BORMIOLI ROCCO E FIGLIO Spa                                                                          
CONVERTING WET WIPES Srl                                                                                  
FINDER Spa                                                                                                                  
G.E. LIGHTING OPERATIONS Ltd.                                                                 
GENERAL ELECTRIC POWER CONTROL ITALIA Spa                                          
HENKEL KgaA STANDORT HANNOVER                                                               
KODAK LIMITED                                                                                                        
KARL KNAUER AG                                                                                                    
LOFTHOSUSE OF FLEETWOOD Ltd.                                                                       
PINTI INOX Spa                                                                                                           
PLAYTEX EUROPE Spa       GROUPE SARA LEE                                                   
ROBERT BOSCH FRANCE Sas                                                                                   
SILVERFOILTUBES INTERNATIONAL Inc                                                               
W. NEUDORFF GmbH KG                                                                                           
WIB ROTOPRECISION AG                                                                                        
ZOBELE Industrie Chimiche Spa