Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the demand for packaging machines for pouches and other similar products, due to a market that is certainly evolving and because of new consumer demands.
Cariba is able to meet the market’s demands with a wide range of high performance cartoners, case-packers, formers and closing machines with a high level of productivity.

They can be perfectly integrated with each other (or interfacing with upstream machines) to create complete end-of-line solutions that are extremely flexible and reliable.

Advantages of Cariba lines

Cariba designs machines to pack pouches, bags or sachets containing any type of product, from creamy liquids to powdered solutions, as well as machines for packaging any other type of container such as bottles, blisters, tubes etc.
The feeding systems of the Cariba machines (or interfacing with upstream machines) allow the products to be picked and packed carefully with high precision, that guarantee excellent quality of the final package.

These considerable advantages make them suitable for many sectors like the pharmaceutical, food and nutraceutical industry.

For more details on the characteristics of the machines see https://www.cariba.it/en/machine-range/