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The Inauguration of Fariba Pack: new successes in the US Packaging Market

The consolidated partnership between Cariba and Farmo Res has given rise to Fariba Pack, a new commercial office dedicated to the US market. Specializing in the direct sale of packaging machines and complete lines, the new headquarter will distinguish itself by offering bespoke solutions and impeccable customer service. Thanks to the combined expertise and decades of experience of the two founding companies, Fariba Pack aims to be a reference point in the packaging sector in the United States.

Innovation and Customer Service: the core of Fariba Pack

Fariba Pack is born from the shared vision of Cariba and Farmo Res, focused on providing increasingly efficient and technologically advanced solutions. The passion and dedication of the company teams are evident in every project, reflecting a constant commitment to exceeding customer expectations. In addition to the direct sale of packaging machines, Fariba Pack offers a comprehensive and highly professional after-sales service. This commitment to customer satisfaction will foster long-lasting business relationships based on mutual trust and understanding of specific customer needs.

Customized Solutions for every Requirement

The accumulated experience over the years by Cariba and Farmo Res translates into the ability to design personalized packaging solutions for a wide range of sectors such as Pharma, Cosmetics, and Food. Our American subsidiary will tailor automatic machines to meet specific customer needs, ensuring maximum flexibility and reliability in the proposed solutions. Through close collaboration with customers, Fariba Pack is committed to delivering tangible results and creating added value for its commercial partners.

A new chapter of Success

With the inauguration of the new commercial headquarters in the United States, Cariba and Farmo Res are ushering in a new era of success for the packaging sector. Through a combination of innovation, quality, and highly professional customer service, Fariba Pack is poised to conquer the US market. A heartfelt thanks to all the professionals who have worked to make this project a reality. It was a pleasure to participate in the inauguration of the new headquarters with our CEO Emilio Baldanza.

Cariba at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 with Zakka Multitec

Our recent participation in Gulfood Manufacturing 2023, a trade show dedicated to the food and beverage industry, proved to be an excellent opportunity to strengthen business relationships and observe industry news.
In a rapidly changing international market, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to offer increasingly versatile solutions.
Together with our business partners, we promoted different models of packaging machines and complete lines, highlighting the possibility of creating customized projects in line with customers’ needs.

The importance of business relationships

These events help create a strong network of partnerships, with considerable potential.
Special thanks to our distributor Zakka Multitec who hosted us in their beautiful booth and for giving us the opportunity to share this important international packaging experience.
Participants at the Dubai fair were able to engage with industry professionals who brought their experience and expertise.
Representing Cariba at this important event were our CEO Emilio Baldanza and our sales representative Roberto Ciraolo.

FARIBA, the new distributor of Cariba and Farmo Res for the United States

Our partnership with Farmo Res has been further consolidated, leading to the birth of FARIBA PACK, a new business entity for the U.S. market.
This company deals with the sale of packaging machines in the U.S. territory, thus operating directly between the two manufacturing companies and their customers.
In addition to direct sales of complete lines and individual packaging machines, Fariba offers complete after-sales support, the result of decades of professionalism and experience.

Two manufacturers, one goal

The passion and dedication that our corporate teams put into each project is proof of Cariba and Farmo Res ongoing commitment to seeking ever more efficient and high-tech solutions.
The corporate vision shared by both companies is based on offering continuous and responsive support to clients, enabling the creation of lasting and empathetic business relationships.
The experience and expertise, achieved over the years by Cariba and Farmo Res, contribute to the design of customized packaging solutions, suitable for numerous contexts and specific needs.
A new phase in our company history has opened, which fills us with enthusiasm and makes us eager to be able to show the results of this important collaboration to the international market.

Cariba at Interpack 2023: innovation and relationships

Interpack 2023 turned out to be a very special event for our corporate team, which was able to showcase globally both the expertise and high quality of Cariba’s machines.
The C442 forming machine and the C221 cartoning machine in line with the C712 case packer proved to be a successful set, proof of our specialization in pharmaceuticals.

Walking through the pavilions and coming into contact with customers and other companies, we were able to observe the evolution of the packaging industry, feeding a desire for research and development, which is fundamental to this sector. While in Düsseldorf, we also consolidated our business relationships including especially MG America, Cariba’s longtime partner in the U.S., whose support is of great value.

There was no shortage of interviews with key players at Cariba, such as Service Manager Antonio Zeppelini, Sales Area Manager Roberto Ciraolo and automation department head Paolo Baldini, who were able to highlight how important the value of interpersonal relationships is.
A lived experience after more than six years of waiting for this event, we look forward to repeat this experience at the next edition of Interpack!

Cariba participates to Interpack 2023

Cariba is ready to participate in the new edition of Interpack, May 4-10, presenting high-performance and high-level packaging solutions.
Technological development is a fundamental aspect of this industrial sector and these events prove to be an excellent opportunity to compare with other global realities, stimulating the circulation of innovative ideas. Indeed, Interpack remains the world’s No. 1 trade fair for the processing and packaging of products from all sectors.

At the Cariba booth, visitors will be able to see a C442 forming machine and a C221 cartoning machine in line with a C712 case packer, all the machines will operative. The Cariba machines, designed for the different packaging steps and integrable with other models, allow the packaging of a wide range of products, belonging to multiple sectors in particular for the pharmaceutical industry.

We look forward to seeing you in Dusseldorf at booth B57 Hall16!

Cariba turns 40

40 years in business is a very important milestone, the result of a company journey that has always been focused to innovation and well-established expertise.

A little of Cariba history

Our company was founded in the heart of the packaging valley of Emilia Romagna, the ideal industrial area for manufacturing high-tech packaging machines. Initially, the activity was mainly handcrafted, aimed at assembling machines for third parties.
The experience gained over the years, combined with a desire for growth, allowed us to start designing and manufacturing our own automatic machines.

Targeted solutions for various packaging sectors and products. The compact and highly flexible design becomes the hallmark of Cariba machines. A versatility that has enabled us over time to play an important role in various product sectors, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.
Thanks to a company vision focused on technological progress and constant expansion of production and organisational areas, we have been able to expand our market worldwide.

Cariba increases internationality

2023 will be a year full of opportunities to strengthen existing business relationships and create new partnerships.
We are already organising numerous participations in trade fairs and events in the packaging sector, to show our high-quality and reliable products to a wider audience.
In the same way that our end-of-line machines integrate with other packaging machines, we want business relationships to be consolidated and integrated to achieve further results.

2023 the fortieth

The results we have achieved and the fine milestone of our fortieth anniversary, which falls this year, inspires us to face the future with particular enthusiasm and the desire to grow further.
Special thanks go to our technicians, collaborators and partners, who are a fundamental part of our success to date.

A satisfying year full of innovation

2022 proved to be a year dedicated to technological innovation and a strengthening of our activities.
During these months, we have made numerous implementations to the company, both from a technical-management perspective and in terms of human resources.
Specifically, we have expanded the production area and the other areas of design, validation, and implementation of testing, onsite and remotely, have been strengthened.
C442, our latest forming/closing machine model has been optimized, we have increased the production of complete lines especially for pharmaceutical packaging.
We have also increased the number of our employees for higher  productivity and improved after-sales service to customers.

Cariba increasingly international in 2023

The new year will begin with a company perspective geared more toward business relationships.
As much as two-thirds of our production is addressed to a foreign clientele, and the sales network has long since achieved global expansion.
An excellent context also achieved thanks to the versatility of Cariba machines, operating in different areas and for multiple sectors.

The world of packaging is constantly evolving and we are already preparing for the next highly anticipated Interpack 2023 in Dusseldorf.

Cariba showcases C221 cartoner at Pack Expo in Chicago

Cariba continues to expand its presence internationally by participating at Pack Expo in Chicago. We will have the opportunity to expose one of our flagship machines: the new C221 automatic cartoner. The Expo will be held October 23-26, 2022, and Cariba will be present at the booth of MG America, an important partner for the entire U.S. market.

On this specific event the C221, an alternate cartoner designed to cover a wide range of formats for packaging products from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors, will be on display. A model that meets the new market needs, thanks to its remarkable versatility and functional flexibility, indispensable features for modern packaging.

The profitable and well-established partnership with MG America represents a great opportunity to reconfirm the high quality and efficiency of our machines.
So we look forward to seeing you at booth W-15003!

Achema 2022

We are very pleased with our participation in Achema 2022, a very important international event for various types of industries, new techonologies and the environment.
We brought a complete packaging line consisting of a C221 cartoner and a C712 case packer to our booth.

It is always very important for us to participate in international trade fair events to showcase our automatic machines, weave new business relationships and consolidate our presence abroad.

The next events will be this October with Pack Expo in Chicago and Interpack in May 2023.
We are preparing to present our best packaging solutions, technologically advanced for different sectors pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, etc.

In the meantime, a roundup of pictures from the Achema exhibition August 22-26, 2022!

Cariba will participate to Achema 2022

Attending trade fairs is very important to observe the evolution of its own industry sector.

Cariba is preparing to partecipate again to these important events to exhibit new machines and share the best packaging solutions.

The first exposition will be Achema, Frankfurt Messe, 2022 August 22nd to 26th.

We will be present in Hall 3.0 – Stand A3 and will exhibit a packaging line consisting of a C221 cartoner with bottle feeding table, Track&Trace unit, C712 cartoner and printer for adhesive label application.

This event is an excellent opportunity to expand our business potential internationally. We will also have the pleasure of visiting the stand of Volpak, our new business partner.

At the same time, it will be a great opportunity to expand our network of relationships and consolidate further partnerships.