Our partnership with Farmo Res has been further consolidated, leading to the birth of FARIBA PACK, a new business entity for the U.S. market.
This company deals with the sale of packaging machines in the U.S. territory, thus operating directly between the two manufacturing companies and their customers.
In addition to direct sales of complete lines and individual packaging machines, Fariba offers complete after-sales support, the result of decades of professionalism and experience.

Two manufacturers, one goal

The passion and dedication that our corporate teams put into each project is proof of Cariba and Farmo Res ongoing commitment to seeking ever more efficient and high-tech solutions.
The corporate vision shared by both companies is based on offering continuous and responsive support to clients, enabling the creation of lasting and empathetic business relationships.
The experience and expertise, achieved over the years by Cariba and Farmo Res, contribute to the design of customized packaging solutions, suitable for numerous contexts and specific needs.
A new phase in our company history has opened, which fills us with enthusiasm and makes us eager to be able to show the results of this important collaboration to the international market.