Among the latest Cariba packaging machines we have the new model C442.
It’s a forming machine for cardboard packaging that allows the realization of a compact and resistant packaging. This new automatic forming machine is extremely precise and reliable, it has been designed for the packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical products.
The high quality of its components, combined with an accurate and customizable design, gives the C442 great efficiency and long-lasting operation.
The different packaging phases are carried out in complete automation, giving a high level of productivity and optimization of the entire packaging cycle.

How it works this automatic forming machine

The flat blank is taken from the magazine and preformed for the subsequent insertion of the vials or other types of product. The illustrative booklet is introduced and then the packaging of the carton is completed. The machine control systems verify the content and the effective insertion of the booklet and, if not compliant, the boxes are rejected by the system.

Characteristics of the C442 packaging machine

The versatility of the C442 allows the interface with complete production lines of Cariba’s machines or other models, to complete the end-of-line process and the packaging of the final products.
Cariba packaging machines are easy to set up and characterized by an extremely fast size changeover, allowing the creation also of small production batches.
To see all the technical features and functions of the machine, please download the C442 data sheet from our website.