C700 | Horizontal case-packer

Some products application:


Automatic Case Packer is controlled by servo driven motors and “balcony” construction of the main frame allows easy accessibility for cleaning, maintenance and operators interventions as and when required.
The C 700 is purpose built to collate and package boxes, sachets, bags and fl ow packs inside the American style cases (RSC). The products coming on the feeding belt are stacked from bottom-up to the desired confi guration and stacking pattern.
Each RSC case is picked from the magazine using a positive double arms system fi tted with suction cups, ensuring aligned and positive opening. The case is placed in front of the already collated, stacked products feeding area and once fi lled in total controlled manner then both inner and outer fl aps are closed by either hot melt or PVC adhesive tapes.
The C 700 case packer can be connected in line with cartoners, tray packers and every CARIBA type machines.