The Cariba's world


The small are big in those things that the big can’t do small.
Our company size gives way to our philosophy of being able to be flexible and adaptable to the today’s customers demanding and challenging requirements.
More than an automatic machines manufacturer, CARIBA can be defined as a provider of solutions. This is because the machine engineering is managed in close contact with the customer “to shape” the customised details and technical solutions that, when integrated with the many other performance characteristics already inherent in the machine itself, can only optimise the final result.
For CARIBA, every machine produced is, and must be, the “perfect solution” for the customer in terms of quality, flexibility, production capacity and above all, low maintenance costs.
Choosing CARIBA today, means rediscovering the values of working with people who not only say “can do” but also deliver on their promises.
Cariba: Providing more than just a packaging machinery solution.