Cariba: more than just packaging machinery solutions.
Cariba: more than just packaging machinery solutions.
Experience and professionalism for over 30 years

For over 30 years now CARIBA has represented the benchmark for anyone looking for an extremely flexible automatic machines manufacturer offering highly customised solutions.

Over this time, CARIBA has developed an outstanding expertise in design and is able to provide technologically advanced solutions in a number of packaging sectors and for a wide range of packaged products: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, household and cleaning products, consumer electronics and small metal parts.

Today, CARIBA’s range of forming, closing and cartoning machines, incorporated into complete packaging lines, represents the ideal solution for companies aiming at high production flexibility with low depreciation costs.

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Application sectors

Cariba meets the needs of market by offering customized solutions and suited for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry.


In Cosmetic industry, quick change overs and maximum size change over flexibilities are essential features and requirements which Cariba cartoners possess and able to be adapted to.


Pharma and Nutraceutical industries demand high efficiencies, highest quality standards, flexibility and precision engineering which are all part of embedded philosophy of Cariba machinery genes.


Food industry applications are vast and the great history and references of Cariba clearly demonstrate the passion which exists between Cariba and this industry.


Often Consumer markets demand  packaging variations in response of the market trends Cariba offers customised solutions.