The Facility

Presently, CARIBA employs over 35 professionals spread over a production area of 1,500 square meters and an office area of 300 square meters. The facility offers complete product development stemming from design to manufacturing and from testing to service.

We pay detailed attention to the study of solutions dedicating ourselves to individual requests that can best meet customer’s requirements. Through balancing costs, performance evaluations, facilitated maintenance preparations, CARIBA offers valuable, cost-effective, and customized technical solutions.

Most importantly, CARIBA immediately responds to all customer’s requests, from national to foreign companies, providing products that comply with all stringent regulations and guidelines worldwide.


Our team of dedicated Designers, Technicians, Developers and Sales Managers have decades of combined experience in the industry; the same experience we are conveying to our younger colleagues, who in turn, reciprocate with indispensable enthusiasm. This crucial, yet invaluable transfer of knowledge leads to the creation of our products that we constantly perfect not only technically, but also ergonomically and aesthetically.

Our technical department has always been comprised with expert and tenured mechanical and electronic designers. This group of professional and well-informed personnel not only is trained to meet diverse customer requests, but also exceeds expectations. For many years, our loyal customers have respected and appreciated CARIBA for the unsurpassed quality, design, and reliability of its automated machines.