40 years in business is a very important milestone, the result of a company journey that has always been focused to innovation and well-established expertise.

A little of Cariba history

Our company was founded in the heart of the packaging valley of Emilia Romagna, the ideal industrial area for manufacturing high-tech packaging machines. Initially, the activity was mainly handcrafted, aimed at assembling machines for third parties.
The experience gained over the years, combined with a desire for growth, allowed us to start designing and manufacturing our own automatic machines.

Targeted solutions for various packaging sectors and products. The compact and highly flexible design becomes the hallmark of Cariba machines. A versatility that has enabled us over time to play an important role in various product sectors, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.
Thanks to a company vision focused on technological progress and constant expansion of production and organisational areas, we have been able to expand our market worldwide.

Cariba increases internationality

2023 will be a year full of opportunities to strengthen existing business relationships and create new partnerships.
We are already organising numerous participations in trade fairs and events in the packaging sector, to show our high-quality and reliable products to a wider audience.
In the same way that our end-of-line machines integrate with other packaging machines, we want business relationships to be consolidated and integrated to achieve further results.

2023 the fortieth

The results we have achieved and the fine milestone of our fortieth anniversary, which falls this year, inspires us to face the future with particular enthusiasm and the desire to grow further.
Special thanks go to our technicians, collaborators and partners, who are a fundamental part of our success to date.