The C600 automatic closing machine, ergonomic and compact, is designed to close packages from many sectors.
Its wide range of formats gives it considerable versatility.
The format changeover takes place quickly and can be personalized by adjusting and replacing certain parts.
The balcony structure facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
Modern and functional thanks to new technological upgrades, it can be equipped with various tools such as remote assistance and barcode verification.
Equipped with state-of-the-art control systems, this machine guarantees safe and correct closing operations.
Its ability to integrate downstream with the Cariba C400 forming machine allows the creation of an efficient and optimized end-of-line system.
Built with an innovative design, this machine will in the future replace the RCV50 closing machine.

How does this closing machine C600 work?

The packages containing the final products are inserted inside the machine and closed according to the type of format selected by the automated systems.
In addition, product leaflets and other informative paper material are inserted inside the box.
It can close up to 30 boxes in one minute and the changeover time takes only 5 minutes. For more information see our data sheet.